Friday, February 3, 2012

Health & Fitness Contest Extended!

Great news for developers who want to win a WIMM developer contest. They have extended the submission deadline for the health and fitness apps contest to Sunday, February 19, at 23:59 PST. They are offering free WIMM One devices to developers who submit a good enough app (see official description at the link) and two $250 Amazon giftcards.

I will call a shot right now. It might be my shot if I can make enough time, but someone else might do it better. An app that helps people manage pills -- what to take, when to take them -- will kill this contest. I am over at my 89-year old grandparents' home this morning. My grandfather has a list in roughly 16 point  font of all the meds he has to take during the day. It is almost a page long. They are very conscientious with their meds, but I bet the error rate on taking them is better than 10% – meaning they either miss or double dose at least 1/10 times.

There is a description of such an app in the ideas forum at the WIMM site. As a bonus, it needs a feedback component. User should be able to say they skipped a dose and have that recorded. There are many drugs where the doctor would like you to take it, but if you can't, that's useful information.

Of all the ideas shared there, I think this general one has the best chance of giving a very good, dedicated developer a very comfortable lifestyle if WIMM has good fortunes ahead.

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  1. @Brad: Love the pill app idea! Saw that in the forums, and agree it's very useful. Hope you are creating a great app for the contest!

    @ALL: How is your Micro App coming along? We are happy to give feedback!

    WIMM Labs