Friday, February 24, 2012

Micro App Store Beta is here

By now, everyone knows that the Micro App Store Beta is up and running. As an early adopter, you can get some cool apps and watchfaces for your WIMM One totally for free!

There were plenty of stories around the Internets announcing this important milestone. Perhaps the biggest business hurdle that the WIMM One faces is a perception that it's just copying the iPod Nano, as discussed in the comment section of this story. But remember, WIMM's mission statement is not centered on a 1" square touch screen computer and watchband. It's about wearable technology, and will always exploit the differences between luggable (your laptop or tablet), carryable (your phone), and wearable (your watch).  WIMM is also about nurturing and cultivating a strong crop of third party developers, who will provide much if not most of the software value for the product. Thus the importance of the  Micro App Beta Store.

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