Monday, March 5, 2012

WIMM One Currently Out of Stock

Bad news this morning for everyone who wants a WIMM One for every day of the week or those of you who haven't purchased your first one yet... Both Amazon and the WIMM web site show no available stock of WIMM One devices, with the WIMM web site offering guidance of 2-3 weeks before current orders will be shipped.

I have not reached out to WIMM for comment on this, just noting it. But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with wild speculation here! So here are some possible explanations for your consideration:

1. China is running at full capacity making iPad 3s, does not have time for WIMM Ones right now.
2. There are plenty in China, but would need to be transported by car through Russia and Alaska before hitting the continental United States.
3. The artist Christo has created a giant digital sign out of a matrix of 320 x 240 WIMM One units, plans to unveil it in the mountains of Southern California displaying "Who's feeling lucky today?" and a tiny, yellow umbrella.
4. My Dad really wants one, therefore, not available to purchase at this time.

If you have an entertaining theory, please post in the comments.

Update: James from WIMM posted on the forums. They expect to be shipping again in about a week.

Update: Now back in stock as of Wedneday, March 7.

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